Welcome to our new site.

Welcome to our new site! .

Williston Community Action Network

Williston CAN!

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This is a new site and its in construction! If you have any questions feel free to call!

701-339-3131 Ask for Daniel Leach

Seriously thinking about organizing a town meeting networking with other like minded people I wanna build a strong network of concerned citizens Prepared Patriotic minds that are ready for anything! We all know that government can’t save everyone in need it’s up to we the people to be the backbone of the republic of America! If you are interested in building a team of people that wanna work together building a better future for Williston and ND then PM me and let’s chat Government officials, churches and anybody else is welcome.
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Join Williston’s armed Neighborhood watch!

I’m actually organizing a defensive group that’s gonna be public security volunteers to keep watch like a armed Neighborhood watch! WillistonCAN.com If you are interested give Daniel J Leach jr a call Don’t let our city burn down.

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